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∞ stories. 248 pages.

FFO: French & Japanese Extreme Horror, Jackass, Topside Press (RIP), Hentai, Acid, Skate Bail Compilations, DMT, Giallo, Clive Barker, Gregg Araki, Chuck Palahniuk (LOL), Grunge, Pig Destroyer, Weed, Breakcore, Death Metal, Doom


Content Warning:

ableism, abuse, addiction, alcohol, anxiety, apocalypse, assassination, blasphemy, blood, bullying, car accidents, childhood sexual abuse, cults, cutting, death, deception, depersonalization, depression, derealization, dismemberment, disordered eating, domestic / child abuse, drug use / abuse, dysphoria, explicit language / slurs, evil, fire, fraud, gaslighting, gore, guns, homophobia, hypnotism, incest, internalized transmisogyny / transphobia, kink, knives, lobotomy, libel, lies, mental illness, misogyny, murder, necrophilia non-consensual photography, pornography, police (all cops are bastards. the only good cop is a dead cop.), pornography, rape, religion, self-harm, sex, sexual assault, suicide, terfs (same as cops), theft, torture, transmisogyny, transphobia, violence, vomit

If you do not wish to read SOUR MILK,
NATALIE TAUTOU will not hold it against you.


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Authornatali tautou
TagsErotic, Horror, LGBT, Queer, Transgender


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"downward is heavenward" is somehow one of the funniest sweetest things i've read. the whole collection is really overwhelming - which i mean neutrally, neither as an insult or a compliment, it just sort of is? - so something about the natural born killers looney tunes rampaging of "downwards" just came through crystal clear in comparison to the stories before it. made me laugh out loud and send screenshots of my favourite parts on discord! i just loved that one a lot!

all over, even if it sometimes left me confused or wanting - also neutral, i don't think it's bad for a book to make you want - it was a palate cleanser to just read something wildly honest and uninhibited. i'm glad people make art like this.

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I love everything about this. I love how creative it is. I love how wild it is. I love how hot it is. All the stories are so unique, yet work together to shape a larger theme. my body, the hand grenade hit almost too close to home for me. This shit is fucked up, and I adore it.

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wow, that's - a lot, but comforting? like emotional white noise, or because it's nice not to have to pretend there's such a thing as the inviolate. not to mention hot. but mostly, yeah, warm and fuzzy like blood is (it's 2am and i can't figure out how to express that in a framework that isn't just imitating it). thankyou